Welcome to the beginning of your next great holster

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AOCH Mission Statement

We are in business to serve others; we know that as we serve we succeed. We recognize the truth that our ability to serve is our reason for being in business.

God is the silent, senior partner in this business. We acknowledge His wisdom and His power. We do all that we can to conduct this business along lines He approves. 

The guiding principles behind every decision we make, every transaction, every plan for the future, are the principles of love and service taught by Jesus Christ.

In consciously using Christian principles, we accept God's guidance and 

claim His promise to prosper those who serve Him.

This business is dedicated to honest service in the name of Jesus Christ, 

We are about our Father's business. 

Who are we

Welcome to your next Holster

You made an investment for an item to protect you and your loved ones. 

Be sure you invest properly in an item that protects the item protecting you and your loved ones.

Your search has ended

 Can't find the perfect holster for your gun, knife sheath or your ax? 

Maybe where you bought your gun, they didn't sell holsters for that style of gun, 


Custom holsters and sheaths, Leather or Kydex, all made to your specifications,  

Quality Product

When you get a holster from us, our hope is that you'll pass it down, and it becomes generational. That is the quality we put into our holsters, to last a lifetime, two or three times over again. 

Alpha and Omega....... The beginning of the end. of your search for great holsters

Rev 1:8

  “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”  (NIV) 

Blue Guns/Mold Guns Available


We make holsters generally from what is called a Blue Gun, (Pictured)  Sometimes if we don't have the Blue Gun needed, we'll use the clients gun. We always take meticulous steps in the care of the clients gun as we prep it, for the molding of the holster. 

Below is a list of the current Blue Guns we have in our stock, if you don't see yours, contact us and see what we can do to accommodate you.   

Blue Gun List

1911 Colt 45 commander mod ser 80 4” barrel  

1911–A1 Springfield armory 45 cal 5” barrel 

1911 – Rock Island A1 9mm 3.5” barrel 

S&W M&P Shield 9/40 

Sig P220 Sig P226 Sig P229 Sig P230 Sig SP2022 

Ruger LC9 LCR 

Kahr P380 

Colt .45 single action 5” & 7” 

FNX-9 9mm w/rail 4” 

Glock 42 Glock 26/27 Glock 17/22 Glock 19/23 

Bersa Thunder 380 

SA*XD 9/40 SA*XD Sub Compact 9/40 Taurus Millennium  

Hi-Point C9 9mm 

Cobra .38 Derringer  

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